Repacking is my hobby (and yes, I hate cross-stitching) and it takes up a lot of my time, and money.Well, you know, I have to rent seedboxes to help me seed my torrents, I have to pay the VPNs to improve security, and from now on I also have to pay the hosting bills for this site, because guys were forced to kick me out.I pay for everything out of my own pocket. And I feel that it would be really nice, if some of you guys, could help a girl out with some donations, so that my hobby could finally stop taking money out of my pocket. Right now I spend ~70$ a month for supporting seedboxes and this site.Due to security reasons I can only accept Bitcoin. My E-wallet is below, feel free to donate whatever sum you want, whenever you want.


If you have never used Bitcoin before, here are some video tutorials for the VirWox and Coinbase exchanges.

VirWox is simpler and doesn’t require any (identity) verification. It works in every country, but there is a small fee to every transaction that goes through it.

Coinbase operates only in 33 countries (check if yours is on the list) and it requires an identity check, but it is easier to use once you go through the registration process, and transaction fees are somewhat lower there than on VirWox, as well.6

There are much more video tutorials available on YouTube, so you will find better ones 🙂

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